Mission Statement

To nurture the wellbeing of all pregnant individuals, their families and the broader community by providing relationship-based midwifery care that is inclusive, informative and individualized and honours the transformative power of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
A midwife is a trusted ally with skilled hands who provides reproductive health care by honouring the physiology of birth, supporting bodily autonomy, facilitating informed-choice and holding space for our clients as they grow their families.

Why the Name "First Light"

First Light was chosen because, much like pregnancy, the sunrise is a time full of possibility. As dawn breaks, it can be a time of reflection and, as the world wakes to a new day, it may bring joys as well as challenges into our lives. It captures the first time a child sees the brightness of sunlight outside the womb or the first glimmers of hope that may light our way after loss or a difficult experience. As a midwife, the drive home after a birth, often at first light, can be a peaceful time to reflect on the birther’s hard work, the joy of their new arrival and the exquisite privilege of being called to this work.