Client Evaluation of Midwifery Care

This Client Evaluation Questionnaire is provided by the BC College of Nurses and Midwives (BCCNM) to assist BC midwives in obtaining feedback about their care from their clients. BC midwives must provide each primary care client with a quality of care evaluation form within six months of the client being discharged from care and request that the client complete and return the evaluation to the member's practice. These evaluations may be returned anonymously. Midwives review these evaluations at intervals throughout the year to consider how they can improve their practice. 
Client Evaluation of Midwifery Care

Section A

Rate the following aspects of your prenatal, labour and birth, and postpartum care. Check one rating choice for each sub-category.

1. Prenatal Care

2. Labour & Birth Care

3. Postpartum Care

Section B

The questions in this section cover your midwifery care from pregnancy, through labour and birth and after your baby's birth until six weeks postpartum. Please check one answer for each question.

4. Continuity Of Care

Midwives ensure that clients have no more than four midwives (primary care providers) involved in their care and that there is 24-hour on-call access to one of the team through pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

5. Informed Choice

Midwives must provide clients with information about their education and experience, how midwives practice in British Columbia and what standards and protocols they must follow. Throughout care midwives must provide clients with enough information care options and the evidence that supports those options to make informed decisions regarding their care.

6. Consultation and Transfer of Care

Midwives are required to consult with physicians for certain conditions that may arise during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. Some conditions require that a physician take over care.