September 28, 2023

International Safe Abortion Day

September 28th is International Safe Abortion Day. An estimated 35 million unsafe abortions take place globally every year, usually as a result of anti-abortion laws and policies that restrict safe abortion services.

September 28th is International Safe Abortion Day.

Learn more about this important aspect of reproductive health care at Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.

Informed Choice and Autonomy are pillars of midwifery care and, at First Light Midwifery, supporting access to safe and timely abortion care for our clients is part of upholding these pillars of midwifery.

From our Welcome Handout:

"Autonomy: You are the primary decision-maker regarding your body and your pregnancy. Your midwife will support your autonomy by honouring your informed choices and providing care within the midwifery model and scope of practice.

Informed Choice: To facilitate decision-making during your care, your midwife will provide you with information regarding tests and interventions that are offered to you. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your values around these decisions. Your midwife will share any relevant recommendations or community standards."

Access to publically-funded and legal abortion care saves lives and is part of comprehensive reproductive care. As midwives, we are committed to keeping all of our clients safe. Our midwives can provide inclusive, informative and individualized counselling to any clients who wish to discuss their options for their pregnancy including parenting, adoption & termination. Just ask!

If you are pregnant and you don't want to be pregnant or you are not sure whether you want to be pregnant, let your midwife know right away so that we can provide you with timely access to abortion, if that is what you choose. Our application form has an option that you can choose if you would like a midwife to contact you for these conversations prior to a first appointment in the office.