September 27, 2023

Lending Library

Our Lending Library is set up at First Light Midwifery! While you are waiting to visit with your midwife or after your appointments, feel free to browse all the great books.

We even have books for big siblings to check out, if they want to learn more about birth and the new baby on the way.

From our Welcome Handout:

"In our waiting room, you will notice a bookshelf with a variety of books to help you prepare for birth and the early postpartum free of charge. These books are bought by our midwives from their own funds to enrich your care. Therefore, we ask that you please sign them out with our office assistant, treat them with care and return them to us so others can benefit from our little library."

You might also notice the baby scale and blood pressure cuff in our library. As part of your care, we check your blood pressure at routine clinic visits and provide regular postpartum visits with lots of feeding support. But, this scale allows you to pop in for a baby weight whenever you like during office hours.

What about the blood pressure cuff? Some clients get nervous resulting in an elevated blood pressure (called "white coat hypertension"). If that's you, feel free to chat with your midwife about taking your own blood pressure before your scheduled appointments.