The Midwives

First Light Midwifery is pleased to be working alongside Rosalynd Curry to offer midwifery services at Interior Naturopathic & Wellness. 

Clients seeking Rosalynd’s care can also apply via our Intake Form.

About Ace

Ace provides individualized care that focuses on pregnancy and birth as an important time of transition and is passionate about your right to be supported in your choices. Her care is evidence-informed and relationship-based.

Pregnancy, childbirth and your first weeks with your new little one have the potential to bring both joys and challenges. Midwifery is the honour of helping you navigate these and prepare for birth, in all its variety and complexity. Ace looks forward to supporting you and your family on this journey. She enjoys caring for a diversity of families, including those who may experience marginalization when accessing health care or those building their families in unique and creative ways.

A 2013 graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Midwifery Education Program, Ace has a previous Combined Honours degree in International Development and Gender Studies from Dalhousie University. In addition to English, she speaks some Spanish and French. As a clinical assistant professor for the UBC Midwifery Education Program, she is involved with training new midwives. Ace specializes in contraceptive counselling and prescribing as well as being a trained surgical assistant. Before being called to midwifery, Ace worked as a research assistant, volunteered for feminist organizations and spent time as a personal care-aid in Halifax.

When Ace isn’t welcoming babies, she enjoys the company of her partner, close friends and two kids. She can be found knitting, gardening, camping, X-country skiing, paddle boarding, dancing, cooking and, from time to time, enjoying a nice long nap between births!

Ace Porter

Registered Midwife


 “[T]he midwife’s place is on the threshold of life, where intense human emotions, fear, hope, longing, triumph, and incredible physical power- enable a new human being to emerge.”

~ Sheila Kitzinger

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Rosalynd Curry

Registered Midwife


“Midwives have skilled hands, and know how to sit on them.”

~ Author Unknown

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About Rosalynd

Rosalynd Curry came to Kamloops in 2009 as a midwifery student during her final year of schooling at the University of British Columbia. She started working as a midwife here in 2010 after falling for the beautiful landscape, community, and easy access to outdoor activities. Since moving to Kamloops, Rosalynd has started her own family. She now works part-time and balances her love of midwifery with the demands of a partner and two busy boys!

Prior to becoming a midwife, Rosalynd did a degree in biology and psychology. When her friends started having children, her love of babies evolved into an intense interest in maternity care and in supporting families through the exciting transitions involved in pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum. Midwifery became an obvious career path. Her passion for midwifery is centered on providing information and choice and in supporting pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy life events. She finds a special fulfillment in witnessing the transformation of roles; from individual to parent, only children to siblings, partnerships to families.

Outside of work, Rosalynd loves spending time outdoors – skiing, rock climbing, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and gardening; and, of course, her dominant indoor activity of being a very prolific knitter.

Ace Testimonials

“I don’t think we could thank you enough for the care and support your provided for our family during and after the birth of our beautiful babes. Your calm, informative and kind nature has levelled our fears and made a beautiful space for us to grow a family. The service you are providing for the community and especially for us queer folks is amazing and we are so grateful to have had you as our midwife.”
Kat & Vicki
“Our time with you went so fast and I get sad writing this knowing that we don’t get to have our regular visits. First of all we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We couldn’t imagine doing our pregnancy(s) journey(s) without you! From keeping us calm when we got uncertain news from our ultrasound(s) to being the biggest support and coach throughout labour. It all meant so much and you made both pregnancies so memorable. You are truly amazing at what you do and we are just so grateful we got to not only have midwifery care but we got to experience it with you.”
Alexa McMillan
“It’s truly hard to put into words how grateful we are for having you on our journey for our three babes. You are amazing at your work, it truly is your calling. Your ability to connect, support and encourage during some of the most gut/soul wrenching times is truly an art that you have mastered. Thank you so very much for being our midwife.”
Hayley Cartwright
“We can’t thank you enough for guiding us through both of our pregnancy and postpartum experiences. Each pregnancy brought with it unique decision points and you took the time to explain our options and support our choices while also listening to and validating our fears and uncertainties. Appointments never felt rushed and you held space for all the questions we had. During birth, you were a calming and reassuring presence. You knew just the right things to say or do to help me achieve the births I had hoped for. You acted swiftly and with confidence during birthing itself while supporting special moments like my partner catching our first. Postpartum I had differing complications with each baby including difficulties feeding/jaundice and mastitis. Both times you were so responsive to these complications, providing multiple home visits and phone calls to support us through. The birth days of our children will be a core memory for our lifetime and, because of you, our memories are filled with joy, love, strength, and calm. Anyone would be lucky to have you guide them through starting or growing their family.”
Jacqueline Parobec
“There really are no words to express how blessed we were to have you on our birth journey. Your level of care is outstanding. You take the time to actually ask how we are doing and are so knowledgeable with all of our questions. We can’t imagine going through this life altering experience with anyone else. From prenatal through birth and for our postpartum care, we thank you.”
Lisa Fraser
“I cannot emphasize enough how grateful we are for our exceptional midwife Ace. They created a safe and supportive environment where both my husband and I felt comfortable expressing our concerns and asking questions during prenatal appointments. Ace’s compassionate care extended seamlessly into the birthing process and postpartum period. Their commitment to ensuring our voices were heard and our needs were met made our journey truly remarkable. Ace is a gem in the field of midwifery.”
Kayla & Eamon Wolfe

Rosalynd Testimonials

“Thank you for your time and knowledge and for all the balanced information you have provided us...your support during labour exceeded my expectations.”
Jo Robertson
“Thanks so much for your invaluable experience and assistance. It’s tough to verbalize how much your calming expertise meant to us both. Being with you throughout pregnancy and delivery made the whole experience that much more comfortable.”
Duncan Robertson
“Thank you for letting me birth my own way, especially this final time!”
Christina Masse
“Thank you for being a part of us becoming parents! You made this transition the most beautiful experience and I can’t put into words how grateful I am that you were our support person for all THREE babies!”
Tanya Kuzyk
“Deepest thanks for all of your care, support, teachings, wisdom, encouragement, dedication, and friendship to both my baby and I over the past six months. I was truly lucky to have such company through the most difficult journey I’ve ever faced. It has also been the most rewarding... You are an incredible giver of care and simply a remarkable woman.”
“Your hard work and sincere dedication to making my birthing experience the best it could be. It was completely out of this world magical and I’m glad I had the chance to have someone like you involved.”
Jade Crabbe
“Thank you so much for being our lovely, informative, and gentle midwife! You were very reassuring through our pregnancy; we always felt we were in good hands!”
Nikki Knuit
“It was the most amazing experience of my life thanks to your experience, calm, non-intrusive manner yet obvious professionalism taking charge when you needed to and comforting and directing us.”
Anne Matkovich (grandma)